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Leaping For Growth

Leaping For Growth

In this blog post I share an honest reflection and 6 #RealConnections I made on taking leaps of faith to grow leaps and bounds.

In the dynamic landscape of education and leadership, the journey toward growth often requires us to embrace the unknown and take leaps of faith. These daring steps can serve as the catalyst for personal and professional development, leading to leaps and bounds of success. One thing that I am proud of in my own journey is learning to and taking these leaps. It’s Leap Day as I write this, and I’ve been doing some reflecting on taking leaps of faith, which leads me to want to share some things I’ve learned from how I have explored the significance of taking calculated risks, the role of faith in the process, and how it can propel you to new heights.

Story Time

I’m a bit of an anomaly I must admit. I am quite an over-thinker and it’s no secret that I battle anxiety, but I’m also a bit impulsive as I have ADHD. Over time I have learned to be more accepting of who I am and embrace these parts of me and allow myself to just live and deal with the clashing of the worlds there. Throughout the last 15 years in my career I have always been intentional of focusing on the importance of experiential learning. As a teacher I always wanted my students to have rich experiences in learning, as a Principal I wanted my educators to ensure that for their students as well and just as much in the experiences I provided my staff. That same mindset is directly linked to the experiences I have embarked upon and wanting to always make sure I never have to wonder “what if”... sometimes that has worked out really well for me and others maybe not so much.

In the last year I have had quite the journey of just that. A couple of years ago I was afforded the opportunity to do the work I am super passionate about championing educators full time. I also still have a love for leading a school (I will always be a teacher and principal at heart no matter what hat I am wearing). I also had always had a desire to serve the community that raised me. I had an opportunity not long ago to return to principalship and do just that. I was at a crossroads in a sense and I had to let experience win and take a leap of faith. Things don’t always work out and aren’t always what they seem though, and that is a different story for a different time. As life does, it dealt me a hand and I had to make some decisions and the decision I made was to yet again take a leap of faith to keep myself growing and seek to continue to impact as I feel I have been called to do. All of this has led me to really reflect on taking leaps of faith and I want to share 6 things I have learned about just that.

6 #RealConnections About Taking A Leap

  1. Embracing the Unknown: Life is inherently uncertain, and the same holds true in the realms of education and leadership. Embracing the unknown requires a mindset shift, acknowledging that growth often lies just beyond the comfort zone. As an educator, leader and coach, I encourage you to view challenges as opportunities for learning and innovation.

  2. Calculated Risks in Education: Educators are entrusted with shaping the future, and innovation is key to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving world. Taking calculated risks in education involves introducing new teaching methods or strategies, leveraging resources, and being open to experimentation and innovation. These risks, when well-thought-out, have the potential to revolutionize the learning experience and create a positive impact on yourself and others.

  3. Leadership and the Art of Risk-Taking: Leadership is not about avoiding risks but rather about navigating them skillfully. Leaders who are willing to take calculated leaps of faith inspire their teams to pursue excellence. Whether it's implementing a new strategy, embracing change, or investing in professional development, leaders set the tone for growth by demonstrating a willingness to take risks.

  4. The Role of Faith in Growth: Faith in this context doesn't solely refer to religious beliefs but extends to trust in oneself, your circle, and the process. Believing in the potential for positive outcomes, even in the face of uncertainty, can be a powerful motivator. Faith fosters resilience, perseverance, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks, all of which are essential qualities for sustained growth.

  5. Learning from Setbacks: Taking leaps of faith doesn't guarantee a smooth journey, and setbacks are inevitable. However, these setbacks should be viewed as learning opportunities rather than failures. Setbacks can play a crucial role in helping individuals reflect on their experiences, extract valuable lessons, and refine your approach for future endeavors.

  6. Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Encouraging a growth mindset is integral to the process of taking leaps of faith. By fostering a belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work, educators and leaders create a culture that thrives on challenges and continuous improvement.

In the ever-evolving fields of education and leadership, taking leaps of faith is not just a choice but a necessity for growth. By embracing the unknown, taking calculated risks, and maintaining faith in the process, educators and leaders can propel themselves and those they serve to new heights. How might you take a leap and harness the power of faith to drive unprecedented growth and make a lasting impact on the world of education and leadership?

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