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about mrcoacheli

Since I began my career in 2008 I have served in a variety of positions in the education and development fields. As an educator, I have served as a classroom teacher in a variety of grade levels at the elementary and middle school levels, as a physical education teacher, as an elementary school principal of schools that included dual language, Title I, and Social Emotional Supports programs, and as a Professional Development and Leadership Coach, Trainer and Consultant at schools across the country. My diverse teaching experience provided a wide lens to serve in leadership. As a principal, I have led transformational initiatives around areas I am passionate about, including school climate and culture, engagement, cooperative learning, social emotional learning, restorative practices, and professional learning. Leading school turnaround efforts led Eli to his passion of educator development which is a focal point in his service as an educational leader.


Navigating life, teaching and leadership also sprouted a passion for mental health advocacy and support and led me to expand my work in supporting development of the “whole person” expanding my reach to beyond just developing educators but people as a whole in and out of the field.

I attended NMSU and UNM  and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from GCU. I am a current student at Liberty University working on my MSW in pursuit of therapy certification and licensure. In my free time, I enjoy spending my time with my family, traveling, seeking new experiences, and am a fitness and sports enthusiast.

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"Coach Eli Casaus has provided great support and guidance in my professional growth journey; the conversations that took place during the eGROWE Coaching conversations are valuable collaborative efforts in helping me become more competent in my profession.”


“Eli, I really appreciate all your help and input in this process. Many of the systems that I am currently creating or have created and implemented have been through your guidance and feedback. Thank you!”


"Thank you, Eli, for utilizing your role as a coach to enhance educator growth through an educator-centered approach and for being a thought partner and support to your coachees!" 

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