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Professional Learning Offerings

I want to work with you and your team! Facilitating professional learning and coaching are my favorite parts of what I do. I specialize in a variety of areas and have outlined below what I would love to share with you and your team!

Leadership coaching:

Through leadership coaching and consulting, I offer transformative guidance to educators and educational institutions seeking to cultivate effective leadership at all levels. I partner with schools and educational organizations to provide expert insights, tailored strategies, and personalized support that enhance leadership skills, promote strategic planning, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. As a seasoned educator and coach, I collaborate closely with educators, offering a blend of proven methodologies and innovative approaches to address challenges, optimize decision-making, and drive positive change. Through individualized coaching sessions, workshops, and identified evidence, I empower and champion educational leaders to navigate complexities, inspire collaboration, and achieve sustainable success, ultimately elevating the overall quality and impact of the learning environment.

I offer virtual, in-person, or a blended model of coaching to meet your needs.


Keynotes & Trainings:

Keynote Description: My entire message for educators is simple: Be Real. Be Kind. Be You. Do this and you'll form #RealConnections. In this Keynote, Eli highlights what he believes as the secret sauce to education and life in general: Real Connections. Experience the powerful journey in breaking down what Real Connections are to people and content. Participants walk away being ready to be REAL in their connections and championed so that they can change and impact the world in a bigger way.

Workshop Description: This engaging and transformative professional development session designed exclusively for educators, focusing on sheltered instruction through SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) strategies. This session aims to equip educators with the essential tools and knowledge to effectively support not only English Learners (ELs) and students with diverse language needs but all learners in their classrooms. Throughout the session, participants will delve into SIOP's research-based approach, understanding how to create meaningful and inclusive learning experiences that promote language acquisition, critical thinking, and content mastery simultaneously. By incorporating best practices, hands-on activities, and collaborative discussions, educators will leave this session with renewed confidence and practical implementation strategies to foster a supportive, enriching, and linguistically responsive learning environment for all students. A stand-alone sub-session on Content and Language Objectives entitled “Objectively Speaking” is offered to support Sheltered Instruction.

Workshop Description: This session on "Introduction to Restorative Practices" is a comprehensive and interactive workshop designed for educators seeking to enhance their understanding and implementation of restorative approaches in educational settings. Educators will explore the fundamental principles of restorative practices, examining how they can foster a positive and inclusive learning environment, build stronger relationships with students, and effectively address conflicts and disciplinary issues. Through a combination of theoretical insights, practical strategies, and real-life case studies, educators will walk away knowing how to integrate restorative circles, conferences, Respect Agreements and other restorative techniques into their teaching practice to promote social-emotional growth, accountability, and community building within their classrooms and schools.

Workshop Description: The professional development session on data-driven instruction for educators is a comprehensive and interactive workshop designed to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively analyze and utilize data to inform their instructional practices. Participants will learn how to collect, interpret, and leverage various forms of student data, including assessments, standardized tests, and classroom observations, to identify student strengths and weaknesses, set specific learning goals, and tailor their teaching approaches accordingly. Through hands-on activities and collaborative discussions, educators will gain insights into best practices for data analysis, tracking student progress, and implementing targeted interventions to maximize student achievement. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with the tools and strategies to create a data-driven culture in their classrooms, enabling them to make informed decisions that positively impact student learning outcomes.

Workshop Description: Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE) has developed a one day training program to help teachers maximize their time with students. Our training is proven in proactive, research based, practical, and easy to implement strategies. We provide flexibility to best meet the needs unique to your campus. Participants will learn techniques to allow them to always be clear, concise, and consistent with students.

Series Description: Active Engagement is a key ingredient to powerful, effective and impactful instruction. Yet moving from passive or compliant engagement to active is also one of the most challenging practices to build as a consistent part of every day practice. This secret sauce to many aspects of education and it can be approached with a variety of lenses. Through all of these lenses I have developed a series of workshops and sessions that can be stand alone, combined, or delivered in an academy approach. The following are the different topics/sessions: -Cooperative Learning -Brain Friendly Instructional Strategies -Rigor & Relevance (Triangular Alignment) -Sheltered Instruction -Restorative Practices -Culture & Community -Differentiation Talk to me today about how I can offer any/all of these workshops in your school and supercharge and change instruction!

Workshop Description: In this dynamic and enlightening workshop, we will delve into the foundations of brain-friendly teaching and the power of cooperative learning to create a thriving classroom environment. Participants will explore innovative strategies that capitalize on neuroscientific principles to optimize students' learning experiences, fostering an inclusive and stimulating atmosphere where every learner can thrive. We will delve into the brain's cognitive processes, memory retention, and motivation, offering practical insights to design lessons that align with how the brain learns best. Moreover, we will discover the transformative impact of cooperative learning, empowering teachers to implement collaborative activities that promote critical thinking, teamwork, and active engagement among students. This session promises to equip educators with a plethora of effective and interactive teaching techniques, ultimately paving the way for an inspired and successful educational journey for both students and teachers alike. This session has many parts so customizing it to meet the needs of your campus will be a must have conversation in planning this opportunity.

Workshop Description: In this comprehensive workshop, I will share my journey of rebuilding and rebranding campus culture and creating my Goldilocks School that was a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and all together was just right. We will focus on the foundations of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), brain-friendly teaching strategies, Leadership frameworks and structures, House Systems, and the implementation of engaging classrooms. Additionally, we will delve into restorative practices and other best practices that promote a conducive learning environment. Throughout the session, participants will gain valuable insights into fostering a sense of community and collaboration within their schools, nurturing students' social-emotional development, and maximizing academic success. By the end of this transformative workshop, educators will be equipped with a diverse toolkit to cultivate a positive, inclusive, and thriving learning space that supports the holistic growth of both students and educators alike.

Workshop Description: In this session, we will empower educators to create lessons that truly become their own, reflecting their unique teaching style and the needs of their students. Through interactive workshops and collaborative discussions, we will explore various strategies to infuse creativity, personalization, and real-world relevance into lesson plans. Participants will learn to integrate their passions, experiences, and expertise into their teaching, making the learning journey more engaging and impactful for both themselves and their students. By the end of this session, educators will leave with a renewed sense of ownership and confidence in their lesson planning, ready to inspire and nurture the love for learning in their classrooms.

Don't see what you're looking for? Let's work together to create a Tailored Support Session just for you and your school!

What i do.


Delivering engaging Professional Development is what I am passionate and skilled at.


I have a love for sharing my heart and knowledge in areas such as leadership, engagement, restorative practices, sheltered instruction, mental health, social emotional learning/skills, cooperative learning, instructional strategies and curriculum development/ implementation, and school administration and management. 


Who doesn't love to spend their time talking about the things they are passionate and knowledgeable about? 

I love to share stories and knowledge about authentic relationships, mental health, social emotional learning/skills, engagement, restorative practices, motivational speaking and student focused passionate teaching, learning and leading.

I am passionate about sharing several Keynotes and would love to share them with you and your team!


Sharing knowledge in written communication is a ton of fun and provides lasting impact. Sharing my work through blogs, vlogs, podcasts, co-writing, and other avenues allow us to share the work of spreading knowledge. 

Check out my blog and podcast features and let me know if you are interested in partnering to blog together or collaborate on other written communications.

Coaching &Consulting

Through leadership coaching and consulting I offer transformative guidance to leaders, schools and districts seeking to cultivate effective leadership at all levels.


Let me partner with your schools and organizations to provide expert insights, tailored strategies, and personalized support that enhance leadership skills, promote strategic planning, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


 Through individualized coaching sessions, workshops, and comprehensive assessments, I work to empower and champion educational leaders to navigate complexities, inspire collaboration, and achieve sustainable success, ultimately elevating the overall quality and impact of the learning environment.

I am ready to coach you up!

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