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Welcome Educators!

This part of the website is for you. I have a passion for professional development and collaboration. Sharing what I'm doing and the things I'm learning, as well as connecting with other educators to develop myself are things I'm extremely excited about and part of why I chose to create this section of my website. We ask students to connect and learn, so why wouldn't we do the same? 

One of my goals is to share the great resources I find as well as the ones I create. I've also decided to start blogging, so below you are going to find a link to my blog and am hopeful you'll take a look, connect, and grow together.

While you're at it, make sure to connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Voxer, and my Facebook page or use my Calendly Link to schedule a meet with me. I'd love to even meet in person if the possibility were to present itself - see the Contact Me section. 

Here's to Growth,



Image by Clark Tibbs

Podcast & Interview Features

It's always a humbling and great experience getting to connect with other educators and leaders and to talk about the things that we are passionate about and to learn and grow from one another. Check out some of the incredible conversations I have been able to be a part of. 

And if you are a podcaster, I'd love to link up with you and chat. So hit that Let's Collaborate button!

Some of My Favorite Educator Resources