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The Social Media landscape is changing feverishly these days. Twitter and X and Threads and algorithms and verified checkmarks and the list goes on and on. My purpose of being on social media and being connected to great people has remained the same since the day I joined though. And for that reason I felt like it was important to take a next step to remain connected and advance those connections.

If you are connected with me on social media, have read any of my blogs or visited my website, you’ve seen me use the hashtag #RealConnections or mention the phrase. I’ve never really shared exactly what it means though. It’s a good time for me to shed a little light on that. Simply put, it’s the heart of what I share and the purpose of my message and connecting with others.

#RealConnections are the connections to people and things I learn each and every day. They are REAL. Relevant, Engaging, Authentic and Lasting. I have redesigned my website many times over the years. I have changed out the content in my blog posts, website and even when I am working with educators shifting it to the purpose and/or role in which I am serving but always the R.E.A.L. piece in mind and at the root of it all.

In the past, when I shared things as a teacher or as a principal, #RealConnections still applied but when I was sharing it was directed and mainly only sharing the things I was doing or experiencing rather than for the good of the many. I have a new purpose and mission in life - a new vision aligned to my WHY. And my why, for those who don’t know me or know what it is, it’s that I want to make as many #RealConnections (to people and content) to change the world and leave it a better place and people better than I found them by championing them. For that reason, the journey is changing a bit for me in the things I share and the #RealConnections I make and I want you to be a part of that journey.

As I work to be more consistent and intentional in sharing #RealConnections of content, resources, learning and unlearning alike, as well as sharing the #RealConnections of, to and with people and organizations I make along the way, it all directly aligns to my first blog post of the calendar year when I shared my Vision Board for 2023. With consistent sharing and doing that in various forms my vision and my WHY get to come alive. Over time my sharing has evolved. It started out with just sharing the teaching and learning going on in my classroom as a 5th grade teacher and then expanded into principalship when I left the classroom. My career as an educator has continued to evolve and my goal now is to share #RealConnections when it comes to growing in teaching and learning, leadership and overall personal and professional growth development on a “whole person” level - all with that same R.E.A.L.ness at the heart of it all. Which brings me to what I am wanting to share with you all today - I have some really exciting projects I am working on that will be shared out or announced exclusively before making their way to social media.

Some of these new projects include some exclusive and FREE playbooks to enhance your leadership, teaching, and learning, as well as monthly newsletters that will be chalked full of some really game changing components just to name a couple. The first newsletter will be coming out the first full week of August - and you won’t want to miss it!

So, if you want to be a part of that journey with me (which I really hope you do), make sure to connect with me on social media if we aren’t already connected, circle back to my website often for freebies, resources, insight and lessons I’ve learned through the different content pieces of the site, my blog, some other new things I’ve got planned that I’m just getting started with, BUT perhaps the BIGGEST thing… the newest thing - joining my email list to be more directly connected to me and all of these #RealConnections.

Click here to start making deeper #RealConnections with me!

P.S. I know we all get a lot of email and sometimes it bogs us down. I don’t want it to be just another thing in your inbox though. What you can expect from my email list is a direct line of communication with me, insider information and exclusive content including consistent updates, giveaways and freebies of resources and learning from me all in a one-stop shop that you won’t find on my social media or website (or will add onto the things I share there). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Ready to make #RealConnections? Click here!

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