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Puzzle Pieces

As we go through life it is like piecing a puzzle together. Some pieces naturally fit together and are obvious, others we have to try different pieces to see if they are a right fit, hunt down missing pieces, sometimes other people are holding the pieces we need or we need their perspective or help to find a piece, obtain a piece or make a piece fit.

Likewise, your life is like a story. You are the author of your masterpiece. Sometimes the writing flows one page to the next easily, at other times we face writer’s block. Some chapters are full of detail and adventure, while others are more calm and predictable. Some have characters and settings that come and go. And some are lengthy while others are short. They each lend themselves to one another though and tell a story, your story.

Recently I shared that I made a jump from being a school leader to supporting educators full time in a professional development role. The change was exciting and I met some amazing people (and some not so amazing ones too). I learned a lot and began to take my skill as a presenter, speaker and facilitator to a different level. I don’t regret my choice at all. However, as time continued to pass there was something inside me saying there’s still something missing and while this puzzle piece looks like the piece I need for this part of my puzzle and while this chapter is essential in the Eli Story of Life, it’s a short chapter and the piece isn’t the right piece.

As I started to contemplate this a lot of things started making their way into my mind. What will others think if I end this chapter so quickly? Will I regret ending a chapter too quickly, it’s only been five months? How is this going to impact me financially or what other opportunity do I even have? I don’t know anything besides education and it’s what I love. Self doubt was heavy. That demon of depression and anxiety that I battle started to inflate quickly. All of these thoughts were heavy but in the end, I knew I was trying to put a puzzle piece into a place it didn’t fit. It was a part of the puzzle just not the part I thought it was. And it was time to put the piece where it went and look for the next piece. Then as I began to put that piece down another piece appeared that really looks like the piece I need. So, in a very quick turn around I put the old piece down, picked the new piece up and began to lay it down.

My new piece was to begin to focus more on who I am, what I believe and the work I aspire to do. Revisiting my why… that I believe that every person deserve a relentless coach (not just cheerleader but coach) to champion them. As I did all of that it was clear to me I needed to seek to do more of the relentless coaching. So I got my LLC in order and began working on refining my edupreneur skills and just seeking to impact educators so they can be great for kids. And then some partnership opportunities began to reveal themselves… more puzzle pieces I need… potential new chapters for my book of life. A piece that I never even knew existed that a friend helped me to find revealed itself. And so on Friday I let go of that piece of the puzzle I had been holding onto and working on the last five months and picked up a new one with an organization called engage2learn and on Monday morning I began writing my next chapter as I continue to work to impact educators by being MrCoachEli and the work that I love to do but also partnering with e2L as a Coach!

I feel like I am still in a dream. I have no idea the whole picture of what is coming next but I do know I get to work with an amazing organization that aligns with so much that I believe in and is doing work that I love doing and that I get to spend my time with this organization partnering with schools and districts to help coach them to excellence and to be not just a trainer telling them what to do, but a true COACH partnering them as they perfect the game we both love to play and making sure that kids win.

There’s a lot of uncertainty still. I have a lot to learn. But the potential and excitement is there. The new puzzle piece looks promising. I am excited to continue to share how it fits into my puzzle and to start a new chapter in my book even though I just started the last chapter not long ago. And my hope is that sharing my new found puzzle piece and the journey of seeing how it fits into my puzzle helps you as you continue to put your puzzle together.

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