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professional development modules

Free PD Modules will be launching in 2024! 

As they launch, they will be shared in the file share below. 

Stay tuned!

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Delivering engaging Professional Development is what I am passionate and skilled at. I have a love for sharing my heart and knowledge in areas such as leadership, mental health, social emotional learning/skills, cooperative learning, and engagement. 


Who doesn't love to spend their time talking about the things they are passionate and knowledgable about? 

I love to talk about authentic relationships, mental health, social emotional learning/skills, engagement, motivational speaking and student focused, passionate teaching and leading.


Sharing knowledge in written communication is a ton of fun and provides lasting impact. Sharing my work through blogs, vlogs, podcasts, co-writing, and other avenues allow us to share the work of spreading knowledge. 


My favorite part of what I do is to create authentic #RealConnections. Let's collaborate in a variety of ways through the lens of consulting. I have expertise in Cooperative Learning, engagement, mental health, social emotional learning/skills professional development, collaboration, coaching and instructional practices.

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