Welcome to Action Labs! AL are self-paced modules that will allow you the opportunity to explore and engage with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) concepts and skills in a hands-on way. You can choose from many exciting and interesting modules, based on your personal interests, to complete during the course. There will also be interesting projects above and beyond the modules that will focus on problem solving, teamwork, communication and collaboration. Come ready to participate and join in the "action!"

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Learning becomes more real the more student driven it is. Let's put learning in the hands of students and let them run with it. Project Based Learning (PBL), Digital Action Labs (DAL), and other STEAM based -inquiry based learning is what kids need. Below you will find a bank of resources (on the bottom of the page) as well as Digital Action Labs for learners (both students and educators) to use. 

AL Ignite

When completing a module try to create an Ignite Presentation to share your story of what you learned!


What is Ignite? (CLICK HERE)


The birth of Ignite: PechKucha (CLICK HERE)


How To Guide to create an Ignite (CLICK HERE)


Ignite Website/Examples (CLICK HERE)

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