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There's a saying we constantly hear, "If you don't grow, you gotta go". It brings forth the question of what are you doing to grow - as an educator, a leader, a mentor, a colleague, a friend, a family member, a person? Reflection is such a key piece to growth and that is HUGE as an educational leader especially. So, with that being said I am ready to air my reflections cold and hard for the world to see in hopes that it helps me to grow but maybe just maybe it'll help someone else along the way as well. And what better time to begin that journey than on the first day of a new year?

New Years Resolutions, aren't they a tale as old as time (almost as good as Beauty and the Beast)? Often people make these resolutions but is there really ever follow through or enough of it if there is any? That's one reason that as I started to grow in my PLN recently that I came across the idea of #OneWord. I thought long and hard about choosing my #OneWord for 2017.

I'm new to blogging (obviously) and I don't know exactly who my audience is reading this is right now (would love to hear from you if you are though), so for those who don't know me I'm a guy with an wild imagination and I'm a big dreamer. I have struggles and battle my inner vices just like everyone else - I even often hide them from the world pretty. One of those vices though I would say is having the dream but never really waking up and doing anything about the dreams. So, I decided that my #OneWord would tackle that in 2017.

My #OneWord is AWAKEN.

In 2017, I hope to AWAKEN from the dreams of connecting more with educators, working on that book I've always wanted to write, share my passion and experiences with others, take my show on the road, push myself past the boundaries I sometimes restrict myself with, be larger than life, and make dreams become my reality.

I have to admit that this can be a scary thought - vulnerability always is. But, lately I've been so inspired by some of the people I've connected with lately, the students I spend my days with, the family and friends I have been blessed with, the incredible mentors I've found, and most of all just for having dreams that are big enough to pursue.

So, here's to 2017! I hope that you will say hello, form a connection, and together AWAKEN our dreams so that we can influence dreams in kids and push them to AWAKEN from theirs.

Twitter/Instagram: @MrCoachEli

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